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(English) Nectar of various types of flowers characteristic of Italy southern such as citrus fruit, acacia, clover, Mediterranean scrubs and others..

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INGREDIENTS: 100% Flowers Honey
Color: amber, medium amber.
Taste: medium intense. Citrus tending all’agrumato,
slightly stinging, agreeable.
Nose: medium intensity.
Physical state: fluid subject to crystallization (solid state)
for natural process.
Cautions of use: the honey is not suitable
feeding of infants under the age of 12 months.
Storage: to be stored in a clean place,
cool, dry place away from light, at a
ambient temperature of about 20 ° max.
NOTES: every production batch may have a different color, flavor and
perfume because it is 100% natural honey subject to the influence of
climate and blooms contemporary. It can be an accumulation of air on the board
top of jar (white foam).